Certification & Duration of the Course

k3   Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) – Students

The curriculum consists of 4 modules to be covered over 40 weeks of 3 hrs sessions per week, totaling to 120 hrs total training sessions. All modules are compulsory for obtaining the certification. To receive the certificate, atleast 70% score shall be obtained in the qualifying examination. A certificate with distinction shall be awarded to those who obtain above 90% score. All course to be completed within the assigned time.

k3   Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) – Executive Development Programme

The curriculum with more practical focus is covered intensive over a period of 2 weeks apart from 2 weekly follow up sessions to monitor application of knowledge gained.

k3   Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) – Professional

An advanced certification may be obtained in specific industry segment on completion of the Analyst certification. Advanced certification is available for Retail, Banking, Insurance, Financial Services, Trading, Logistics, Hospitals, Hotels, Manufacturing Industry segments. Each add on professional course will be for indepth industry experts coaching with hands – on of relevant KPIs over a period of 2 weeks apart from 2 weekly follow up sessions to monitor application of knowledge gained

k3   Educational Institutes Tie Up

We look to tie up with Premier Educational Institutes for joint delivery of this Fast Catching Up Certification Programme through their delivery system with full collaboration covering as under:

a. Course Material
b. Curriculum Programming
c. Analytics Tool
d. Industry Knowledge
e. Case Studies
f. Exam Material
g. Certification Process

k3   Coach the Coaches

Align Associate will conduct either onsite or offsite training programme to the Management Institute Coaches on this course to be able to deliver the programme independently. Regular CPE (Continuous Programme of Education) sessions will be conducted to the Coaches to upgrade their skill levels, training tricks and tips, technical updates etc. We will conduct a screening test to the potential coaches in your institute to short list for CAP Coaching.