CAP Course Curriculum

k3   Module 1: Introduction to concept of Business Intelligence

This module provides an overview of corporate decision making and how business intelligence tools and techniques aid in decision making. Students would get a complete knowledge about Strategy, Strategic decision making, Corporate Performance Management and decision support systems. The module would have case studies on creating a strategic decision making and performance management framework in an organization.

k3   Module 2: Understanding Data

Study on business intelligence is incomplete without understanding data. This module aims at providing an in-depth knowledge on how to define data, how to select data, how to extract data and how to interpret data. Mastery in concepts of data profiling, data sourcing, data cleansing and transformation and ETL development. The module contains topics such as data warehousing, building a data warehouse, setting up data and relationships.

k3   Module 3: Data Analysis and Design

This section concentrates on understanding business needs and translating the data to address the business needs. Data access and data mining concepts to be discussed in depth. Skills to include introduction to “MeYe Analyst” and the type of data analysis that can be performed over the tool. This module shall offer proficiency in the technical aspects of Business Intelligence.

k3   Module 4: BI application in business

The sessions shall include understanding the reporting objective, Building queries, Visualization of reports, Creation of reports and Building on-demand-self service reports. It shall consist of practical case studies of reporting requirements and performance measurements of a specific industry segment.

Curriculum Designers

  • 400 Plus Clients, 500,000 hours of consulting experiences, Services in 10 Plus Industry Segments
  • Creators and Holding Company of ‘Meye – Analyst”, powerful business analytics tool
  • Proud owner of the “Pathfinder Award” from The Times Group & Economic Times for innovation
  • Extensive implementation experience in data analytics, management streamlining, transformation, professionalizing businesses, improving corporate performances
  • Faculty members have deep process knowledge, project Management skills and technical skills with hands on exposure of implementing Data Analytics, Business Intelligence Projects