Visual analytics designed for Industries

Get the freedom to visualize data from any platform. Analyst comes with features which enable us to access data from a variety of platforms. Experience seamless integration of popular database solutions of your choice to analyst.

k3   Value Adds of Product

  •  Improve Business
  •  Improve Employee performance
  •  Cut and Control Costs
  •  Increase Profits
  •  Increase Gross Margins
  •  Reduce Inventory
  •  Reduce Operating Costs
  •  Increase Customer Satisfaction

k3   Sample Analytics & Dashboards

  •  Category wise performances
  •  Period wise performances
  •  Best Seasons, Days, DoWs, Hours
  •  Over & Under stocked categories
  •  Weight wise Performances
  •  Stock Rotation & Trends
  •  Reorder Categories, Weights, Suppliers
  •  Supplier Performances
  •  Salesman Performances
  •  Walk ins, APW, APB, AWPB
  •  Image wise Analysis of Performances