Virtual intelligence that helps your company set new standards

We provide the necessary analytical tools to help your company face any challenge. Dashboards, BI,Scorecards, GRC framework are specifically tuned towards helping you reach your goal.

a1  Management Dashboards

  •   Executive Dashboards providing you a snapshot of business performance
  •   Monitor business trends across locations and departments
  •   Get an overview of your business with the power to drill down as and when required
  •   Digitize your business eliminating the need for physical reports
  •   Enhance business with freedom to monitor from wherever you go
  •   Experience precise control over your business with real time business information

a2   Business Analytics

  •   Understand trends, patterns and insights of your business
  •   Watch business Key Performance Indicators at various dimensions and slicing
  •   Quick Analysis of corporate performances through pre designed dashboards
  •   Upgrade to SWOT analysis using data oriented approach
  •   Find key to cost savings, bottom line improvements, growth, expansion
  •   Use analytics to project possible business outcomes and what-if scenarios

a3   Employee & Corporate Scorecards

  •   Promote Alignment of Employees to Corporate Goals and enhance the business ROI
  •   Monitor Employee performance, track and optimize Appraisals
  •   Identify well performing employees and track employees needing attention
  •   Provide Dashboards to individual employees to monitor performance and encourage self assessment

a4  Governance, Risk & Control Framework

  •   Proactively monitor and govern business risks
  •   Pre configured Risk reports optimized specifically for various business areas minimizes fraud risks and errors
  •   Easily monitored risk reports for continuous audit process
  •   Can be integrated as Control Self Assessment Tool for systematic monitoring