Comprehensive out of the box Business Intelligence


k3   Turnkey Implementation of Business Intelligence

  • Understand management requirements through industry study
  • Identify your Key Performance Indicators of Business and compare it with our knowledge base
  • We conduct comprehensive Data Source Audits
  • Build Analytics Data Structures through our Data Scientists
  • Build Detailed Integration Engine from various sources of Data
  • Customized , interactive dashboards designed by our Analysts
  • Deploy Dashboards, handhold and Coach

k3   Monthly Managed Services

Our Analytic Specialists work round the clock to ensure maximum value is returned for your investment by continuously working with you to monitor and enhance various performance measures.

Service Coverage

Smarti- Analytics Engine is optimized for rapid implementation and it continually takes into account the mentioned steps.

  • Data linkage through Mapping from Source Databases to Smarti – Analytics Engine Analytics DB
  • Deploy and configure dashboards where necessary
  • Ensure data accuracy
  • Global access, manage user rights
  • Coaching management in using the BI
  • Actively monitor & maintain BI

Our Specialists Team

We have grouped Smarti into two important sections. Smarti Back office helps you in industry research, business performance and risk analysis whereas Smarti Client side services handles your management, technical , process reengineering requirements.

  • Smarti – Back Office – Central
    •   Smarti Industry Research Analyst
    •  Smarti Business Specialists
    •  Smarti Performance Specialists
    •  Smarti Risk Specialists
  •  Smarti – Client Side – Dedicated/As Required
    •  Smarti Client Management Analyst
    •  Smarti Client Technical Analyst
    •  Smarti Client Reengineering Specialist

k3   BI & Dashboards as SAAS

  • Approach us even for a standalone service which may include a quick Dashboard designing or a focused BI Advisory. Our Specialists will be more than excited to support you in your gap bridging
  • We have industry specialists who can instantly help you in configuring the right KPI, smart visualization and rapid dashboard design and deployment.