Understand and control the numbers which run your business

k3   Smart Tiles & Gauges

Know your business KPI’s in a glance through our intuitive info tiles and an it is an amazing way to enhace your decision making through Gauges and % age wise filling feature.

k3   Single Dimensional

Simple and traditional graphs for basic visualizing, with innumerable features of converting into more than 15 types of graphing options

k3   Multi Dimensional

Watch two KPIs at a same time with a combination of area, plotter, bar, clusters, stacked graphs which helps you amazingly visualize your business at just a glance.

k3   Heatmaps

Our heat-maps are powerful with auto identification of numeric value levels complimented with a robust search feature to give you bird’s eye view.

k3   Scatters and Trends

Visualized data with scatter plots, trend lines, select, de-select features is an amazing way to watch business performance.

k3 Graphs on Maps

Visualize the strategic business data on maps with an exclusive feature to get an overview at the world level or drill it down to your street level.

k3   Filter Strips

Our innovative Filter Strips help create smart pagination, fast interaction and gives a feel of reviewing a business file.