Smart worker behind the scenes

We house secure, yet globally accessible servers which can be configured remotely by any device. Further avail help and resolve issues with ease with our executive chat features. We guarantee the following features to all our customers.

k3   Powerful User Access Controls

Dynamic dimensional access control system identifies the parameters automatically and provides user specific data and control to the user.

k3   Smart Industry Landing Screens

Find Landing screens with Intelligence that are custom tailored to provide you with an overview of business insights at just a glance.

k3   Executive Chat

Strategize with your Executives over the dashboard triggering an improvement on the fly.

k3   Favorites Selection

Organise yourself amongst numerous dashboards, highlight your favourites with just few clicks.

k3   Self Service Admin

Get empowered with control to add new users, sub-groups, manage dashboards and access rights over your admin panels.

k3   iOS, Android Client

Mobilize control by accessing your dashboards irrespective of devices. Get notified and stay in touch with business information wherever you are and wherever you go.