Dashboards with the purpose

Systematically monitor visual data with dashboards tied to a specific purpose. Create, add dynamic data bound infographics, control dashboards with simple clicks. Access and monitor dashboards from across the globe.

k3   Interactive

Linking within widgets will help you to create interactions at Dashboard levels so that, you can see large information from small spaces.

k3   Drill & Sub Drills

Create as many drill-downs & sub drill levels. By using smart selection scrutinize your data from year to month and down to the day level.

k3   Dynamic Filters & Threads

Filters can help you to select or deselect the data filtering in dashboards.

k3   Flexible Building

Arrange graphs flexibly and easily to suit your style and have control over the way you visualize the information.

k3   Rapid Creation

Just drag drop as many widgets as you want to quickly preview your dashboards.

k3   Global Access

We understand the requirements of your business and hence our dashboards can be published and launched anywhere in the world.