An array of features under a unified platform

k3   Summarize

Single Dimensional analytics to multi dimensional analytics at various levels, all are possible in Analyst .

k3   Stratify

Create automated smart Stratums of numerical value and in turn use them for age analysis, stratum analytics, grouping, price sensitivities et al.

k3  Dynamic Pivot

Dynamic pivot is powerful to be understand layering with inbuilt feature to insert grid level spark-lines.

k3  Fraud Detection

With features like Benfords Law coupled with Smart Filters, it is very powerful and easy to catch fraud sensitive transaction.

k3  Word Search

Use word search for social media analytics and assess unstructured text level checks to throw word clouds or perception studies

k3  Age Analysis

Fast Analysis capability with date conditions and functions can help you with age watches of stocks, open complaints

k3   Numeric Analytics

With in- built auto features, one need not worry about writing code to summarize numeric measures by sum, count, min, max, average values

k3  Trend & Date

With just a click convert your date field into Year, Month, Weekday including hour and second for deeper and powerful trend watch